One of the challenges associated with large-scale solar production is the ability to provide complimentary large-scale energy storage. A San Diego based solar developer called Hyperlight Energy, may have a solution. Hyperlight’s Hylux system uses concentrated solar power to provide heat to oil wells where natural gas would typically be used. Hyperlight’s newest endeavor combines concentrated solar power generation and geological thermal energy storage. Solar energy will be distributed not only to oil wells, but to the surrounding rock as well. The energy can be stored for months at a time before being extracted from the ground to be utilized as power. This blended approach not only diminishes carbon emissions resulting from natural gas well heating, but also diversifies existing oil drilling sites by introducing low-carbon energy storage facilities.  

This concept is slated to be demonstrated for the first time at a project site called Tectonic Sun Alpha in Bakersfield, California. Six months of energy storage, equivalent to 100, 000 Tesla Power Walls, will be provided by the project. Check out this video to learn more:


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